Shipping Information

Shipping wine is a tricky lil bugger.

TIP: If your are in the SF BAY AREA or ORANGE COUNTY you can use PROMO CODE: LOCAL for free shipping on all size orders.

TIP: Delivery normally takes between 3-7 business days but will depend based on your location. We will send you a shipping update with your tracking number 1-2 days after your order is placed. Don't worry, we want you to get it as soon as possible too, it is wine after all (drool). 

TIP: Shipping alcohol requires an adult signature. Most adults have jobs which is why we suggest shipping our wine to your adult job. There will be somebody to sign for it, and you can make your co-workers jealous. 

FACT: We cannot legally ship to everyone in every state. Laws are constantly changing, and if there is red tape, we cannot process your order, but instead contact you about the other ways you can find our wine.

FACT: We are happy to answer any questions you have so please Contact Us at  with any questions about shipping.